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Applying Student Number Controls to Alternative Providers with Designated Courses. Response to BIS Consultation from Professor Geoffrey Alderman
Question 1 Name of organisation (or name of person if the response is a personal response and is not submitted on behalf of an organisation)?
What type of organisation is it? (e.g. Alternative Provider, HEI, FEC, Regulatory Body etc.)
Professor Geoffrey Alderman [Personal Response]
Question 2 Do you have a preference for Method 1 (control based on eligible students) or Method 2 (control based on students accessing funding)? If so, why is this?
Method 2 - easier Question 3 What is your view on submission of data to HESA?Do you think designated courses at alternative providers should participate in the Key Information Set and therefore complete the National Student Survey and Destination of Leavers in Higher Education survey (if student numbers are large enough to permit this)? This should be completely voluntary Question 4 Are there any othe…