Tuesday, 17 November 2009

"The London Safety Camera Partnership is dominated by bureaucrats, has no constitution and holds meetings in secret"



Anonymous said...

Why do you think it is acceptable for drivers to make their own decisions about what speeds they should drive at. The speed limit is the maximum allowed and drivers who exceed it should be liable to punishment.

Professor Geoffrey Alderman said...

Reply to Clinton Hale: Consider a road where the legal limit is - say - 30 mph. The law allows me to judge for myself whether it is in fact safe to drive at this speed, or whether - given the road conditions - it is unsafe to drive at anything over - say - 20 mph. Why does the law give me this discretion, but not the discretion to drive, on that road, at 35 mph? Why the discretion one way but not the other?

Top_starfish said...

For someone with Professor in front of your name you don't appear to be very bright.
If given complete 'discretion', many drivers would drive around town at 80 because they 'deem' it safe to do so (some idiots already do)!
Some discretion is given (usually 10% plus 2mph) with speed cameras, although a copper can still do you for 31.
In my opinion if you are caught by a safety camera you should have your licence revoked as you were not only speeding, you also failed to see a giant yellow box at the side of the road and a whole load of warning signs. What chance would you have had of seeing a child dressed in dark colours!

Professor Geoffrey Alderman said...

Reply to Top_Starfish: What about forward-looking cameras?